Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food for thought

Do you disagree to agree in a mindful situation’s mindless worth which is worthless to the extent of saying the unsaid over time’s timelessness?
Or stay weary of the everlasting neverthelessness from a perspectival want for perspectives?
Have we understood the absence of a surface we keep sticking to even when what is not in sight views itself in the reflection of a mirage that had accompanied the trails we thought we left but were due to appear in the course of events which are yet to manifest?
This and a lot more which cannot be this is the subject of a thought whose objective sense contests all appearances in the disappearance of an existence whose ethereal self helps to unlock the real essence of a dream not yet dreamt by the best of the rest.

Afterthought:  NEVERMIND

A Traveller's time.

Reading this wonder of a book: Journey to Portugal/ Viagem a Portugal. I am almost halfway through. It is one of those few books which, for all its descriptions and digressions, remains honest to the 'Journey'. I feel enchanted to find that this book travels at its own pace. I just cannot help it. But with that I mean something important I realise now with reading the kind I am dealing with. By taking me the reader at its own pace it shows how much the book is in control of the opposite side.

As I sail through these pages quite snail like; happily, I bring in a line from the author and rest shall resume:

       For a butterfly born with the morning and dying before dusk, night does not exist.