Thursday, August 19, 2010


The first entry of this blog used as its title a phrase that is dear to me. Preponderant ponderability. I could imagine a few stalwarts of literature who, for me, exercise it in their work. Wilde, Hesse, Proust, Bellow, Saramago, and the heavyweight, Shakespeare. In the last post, echoes of words found pages of a novel I am reading these days, The Cave. I consider myself fortunate to have read some books by Saramago and the few that are left, beckon me everyday.
                It has been two months today, since I read about the news of the artist’s death. Ever since, having come across pages of sudden dedication as well as criticism, I have felt a strong desire to write about my thoughts and experience on reading his work. So much so that I decided, after posting my last last night, to create some sort of an exclusive space for one of my favourite writer.
                Shall I start another blog-dedication to Saramago? It is churning in my mind right now. May be I will start with a folder or label at QuoteSechoeD itself. I can give it a try. And as we tend our books, lost in cold damp pages, fiddling with the bookmarks, ponderability shall be the guiding light. Amen.  

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