Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paro's Prayers

I am doing a double post today! The reason being this image of a place in Paro, Bhutan, which once again, the keen observer beheld one day:


You need altitude to melt attitude. That is my first imaginative reaction to the mountain peaks and the flying swabs of clouds from a point of view which makes me say: WoW !

In contrast to the last image I mentioned, this one lacks green but blooms in blue. The soil of the earth tries to match the glow of the sky; and in between lie the mountains. All I can do is wonder... wonder in my mind who longs to wander... in the same swabs of clouds, on this same ground of land.
This image inspires too; with expressions like,,, Glow of the day. Flight of inspiration. Altitudinal Imagination.

'Image of the View'

Nothing to shield
Nature grows in trees
The glories of the field
The wind and its breeze.

Cotton-swabbed clouds fly down upon you
Rays of sunlight still seep through
Life’s verve lies in the beholder’s view
What replenishes life, from your heart did ensue.

I see the mountain range, its face
Colours, elements, are life’s layers
Infused this vision in a caress, an embrace
Promise of harmony in the windhorses’ prayers.

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  1. Dear JSG,
    As much as you are inspired by my blog photos; so am I inspired by your poems to post more pictures... Keep writing!