Monday, June 20, 2011


This is in response to my friend's beautiful postcard-pictures to inspire and create something in return.

And so I have; come up with a spontaneous verse I hope to have justified with the effort spent behind the camera. The title of the poem is not mine; for it got 'inspired'.

     In love again

Is it the breeze that instills

Rustling wind of the reeds,

Or nature's light which fills

My prism'd heart, a vibrance of beads.

I do not quite know

What it brings on its wings.

But my vision is worth the glow

Astride a pathless trail when it sings.

Sings it the song I once loved at school..

Brings it along the wonders that belong.

Fills it forevermore the fields we then thronged..

Sees it I imagine once again my lost jewel.

Through the stone-streets have I walked.

Treaded many a witness to the fields.

But lo! the hut calls me thither again,

'Blue of the sky' is what it takes to shield

A thousand greens a multitude of blue..

Brings forth the smile to the corner of my eyes,

In love and love alone lies my life's clue...

Carousels of delight emanate from the skies...

At evening do I wonder where my love is leading me...

To the meadowy spaces swings the call of my mind.

Zephyrs know no bounds to romance the cloudy spree.

Will, wattles, the walnut tree roots of love do find.

'In love again', in the sun again..

Being with all that is you gives delight...

Dusk is near and its twilight again...

To kiss, bid love in sleep and flight.


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