Sunday, September 5, 2010

Echo of the day

"The stupider, the clearer. Stupidity is brief and straight-forward, while intelligence is tortuous and sneaky. Intelligence is crooked, while stupidity is honest."

         ~ Dostoevsky, Ivan, in The Karamazov Brothers

Re-imagining some of the passages from this book is a pleasure. The book has a rare quality of warmly adopting and embracing the reader. A voice from this book is echoing in my head. Above quoted words of the character, Ivan, clearly reflects not only on the beautiful paradox found with human beings, but also on the tripatrite design of the text which is perfeclty balanced between the lives of the three borthers. While Ivan's words characterise his brother Dmitri's straight-forwardness, they dawn upon his own person as an honest confession to be what he is: a thinker. As a third, these words encapsulate the nature of the youngest of them, Alyosha, since he is both; a sythesis of these indubitably human characteristics, and the paradox personified. 
     One of the beautiful things about books is when we make alive by reading with our hearts, that which remains lying dormant otherwise.... Thereafter, books bring the best of their pages in you. Like the echoes of words from this piece of art, remain as alive as you and I could imagine ourselves to be.

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